Coco & Eve

Digital & Social Campaign.

Coco & Eve is a clean beauty brand inspired by the tropical ingredients and benefits found in Bali. For the launch of Black Friday and Cyber Monday the visuals focused on ASMR and textural explosions of flavor. 

Stills and videos ran across all social media platforms including web, Instagram and TikTok. Photographer Ariana Gastélum captured the essence of the product's aromatic intensity and colorful packaging.


Black Friday

Videos ran across Instagram and TikTok teasing the Black Friday campaign.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday followed with a crystal palace environment and dreamy irridescents.

Hair Repair Bundle – Podium Stack_1140x1140


Various social campaigns for Breast Cancer Awareness and product bundle offers.

Breast Cancer 2022 – Ultimate Pamper Bundle Silk
Breast Cancer 2022 – Ultimate Pamper Bundle Flowers

Coco & Eve

Brand, digital + social campaign.

Creative Direction Ashley Farbo
Still Life Ariana Gastélum